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10 days to DyKnow FAQ's from DePauw University If DyKnow doesn't work correctly
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When using a PowerPoint in DyKnow, open the PowerPoint first, and click on the DyKnow tab.
Click on either Start Session to run the PowerPoint in Dynow or on Open in DyKnow

Beginning a session

What all the icons are and what they do
DyKnow Terminology

Just something for you to try. You may not have to double click the 1st slide in powerpoint when you hit a notebook. It worked for me to just hit the spacebar and it automatically went to the first slide. J

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Presentation Notes and Inserting a Website
Managing Groups and Panels

Student Feedback & Formative Assessment with DyKnow Vision

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Answer box
I put an answer box on one of my panels, but students said that they couldn’t write in it. Do they need to bring in a text box themselves when they respond on the panels?
The answer box itself has no functionality. It is used to indicate to students that they should supply an answer. The student can write in the box if they have a tablet and stylus or with the mouse, or they can insert a text box and type the answer..